Talking to Your Builder

When buying a new home there are so many things to think about – what style do I want, how big is big enough, what’s my budget?
It’s important to think through all of the aspects of buying a home before you take the plunge.  Your builder is a great resource and can help guide you through the process.
Here are some questions to ask before you get started. Understanding your builder’s process will help you set your expectations for the construction of your new home.
About the Builder
-        How long have you been building new homes?
-        Do you have any references of past homebuyers we can talk to?
-        What is the average build time?
-        Does the sales process go through you or an outside real estate team?
About the Home
-        Can I bring my own floorplan or choose from one of yours?
-        Can changes be made to the floorplan?
-        What options or upgrades can be added?
-        Is there a warranty program?
-        Is landscaping included in the price of the home?
About the Neighborhood
-        Are there HOA fees and what do they cover?
-        Are there any restrictive covenants about what can be in the neighborhood?
-        What are the estimated taxes for this area?
What are some other questions that come to mind when talking with your builder about the new home building process?


  1. I purchased a home from J Meyer Homes 1.5 years ago. The doorframe of my back door began to show signs of what looked like mold after the 1 year warranty expired. The unsealed door went unseen to the average homebuyer like myself. After the paint began to turn black I discovered the frame had not been sealed correctly and had rotted to the point of being soft to the touch. I was informed by J Meyer's staff that I had one year to identify rotting issues with my doors under the new home warranty. This was definately a case where the door was incorrectly installed from day one to cause such a severe case of wood rot. Please J Meyer! I read on this site that you have integrity. Please show my family the integrity we deserve and replace this faulty door so we can resume our feelings of security!

  2. Update:
    J Meyer showed integrity and provided a new door frame to my family. Although my warranty had expired he had a new frame installed. J Meyer showed integrity and we could not be happier with him as our builder!!!!


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