Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Moving with Pets

When you’re planning a move into your new home – there’s so much to think about.  From hiring movers to clearing out clutter, changing your address to thinking about furniture placement.  It’s understandable that you might not think about moving one of your most prized treasures – your pet!
Pets are perceptive and understand that changes are taking place in their home.  Here are a few ways to ease the stress during the transition and plan for the big day.
Try to pack up the pet’s things last. If they typically spend time in one room of the house, leave that one to be packed up last and don’t keep boxes in their usual hang out spaces.
If a move will require your pet to spend some time in a crate – get them familiar with that space again if they don’t spend much time there. Have occasional meals in the crate or go for short road trips in the crate so the moving day won’t come as a complete shock.
On moving day – try to find someone who can keep your pets. This will prevent concerns about them running away while doors are open and furniture is being moved. If it’s not possible to have the pets at a different home, keep them in a locked room and peek in for frequent checks.
Once you’re in your new home, your pet will need to investigate the new surroundings to get comfortable. Ease this transition by introducing your pets to one room at a time.  Have their food and toys in that one room and use this as a home base they can become easily comfortable with.  When they are ready to explore more, leave some doors shut so that your pet doesn’t become overwhelmed in a completely new space. Introduce just a few rooms at a time.
With a little understanding and patience, the whole family will be adjusting to the move in no time!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Selling in the Spring Market

Thought it may feel like it, it’s not officially spring yet! The spring housing market is right around the corner and by listing your home now you can get ahead of the competition. 
To make your home show ready here are a few things you should do before listing:
-        Freshen up your home. After being closed up all winter let some fresh air in and get the dust out. Bring in some live plants or fresh flowers to help clear the air.
-        Do some minor improvements – touch up caulk, paint the front door, steam clean the carpets.  Address any issues that make distract from the overall appeal of your home.
-        Remove as much clutter as possible. Pack up some knick knacks and clear out some family photos. Make the home more appealing to potential buyers by giving them a clean and organized space to look at.
-        Do your research. Before you choose an agent get recommendations from friends and see who has been selling in your area.  Interview several before making a decision.  Begin thinking about how you want to price your home.  Look at the competition as well as what has actually sold in the last six months.
By preparing your home for the busy spring market you’ll be a step ahead of the competition and well on your way to buying your brand new home!  Set yourself apart by being prepared and your home will stand out from the crowd!