Overlooked Home Maintenance Items

Owning a home is an investment of money and time.  Even new homes require regular maintenance in order to keep up them looking and functioning at their best.  Staying on top of home maintenance now will prevent costly repairs in the future.
Here are a few often overlooked home maintenance items that will prolong the health of your new home.
-        Every three to four months clean the aerator at the end of your faucet

-        Clean out the dryer vent that leads to the outside of the home regularly. Lint can build up and lead to safety hazards as well as problems with the dryer.

-        Change your air filters every month to three months as the filters specify

-        Check under sinks to ensure there are no small leaks

-        Dust fan blades and window blinds

-        Clean refrigerator coils to keep this major appliance working properly

Leading up to fall home maintenance items are important to keep in mind as the weather will be turning cooler. Prepare your home by checking the weather stripping around doors and windows, trim any tree limbs that may be too close to the house and have your fireplace checked before first use.


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