Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

Hurricane season is underway and it’s important to make sure your home and family are prepared for times of inclement weather.
Keep your family safe by having a storm kit including:
-        A list of contacts – family, public safety, hospitals, utilities and insurance
-        Bottled water – one gallon per person per day
-        A three day supply of non-perishable food
-        Flashlight
-        First aid kit
-        Batteries
-        Garbage bags
-        Moist towelettes
-        Manual can opener
-        Cell phone chargers
-        Cash
-        Matches and candles
Develop a plan by asking yourself the following questions:
-        Where should family go in case of an emergency?
-        What will you do if utilities are shut off?
-        What are the local evacuation routes?
Sample plans can be downloaded by visiting
Protect your home by taking the following steps:
-        If necessary protect windows with plywood boards.
-        Trim back any tree branches that may be too close to your home
-        Confirm your insurance policies
-        Understand how to manually shut off water and gas
It’s important to always heed the warnings of those in the public safety and weather departments. Prevention can go a long way to avoiding disaster.  It’s better to be over prepared then caught off guard when bad weather strikes.
How do you prepare for hurricane season?


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