Christmas Décor Safety

Trimming the Christmas tree, hanging lights along the rafters, pulling down the kids crafts from over the years; decorating for Christmas is a tradition we love.
While you’re singing along to your favorite carols and hanging garland, keep these few tips in mind to ensure a healthy and safe Christmas season.
Christmas Tree Safety:
-        Make sure your tree is away from heat sources like fireplaces, candles or heat vents
-        Keep the tree stand full of water
-        Decorate with only non-flammable materials
-        Use only one extension cord per outlet
-        Use only three strands of lights per extension cord
-        Check lights for any broken or non-functioning sockets
Decorating Safety Tips:
-        Always have help when decorating outside especially when using a ladder
-        Do not hammer tacks or nails into electrical cords when handing lights. Use clips
-        Only use outdoor approved extension cords when decorating outside
-        Put cords in low traffic areas to prevent tripping
-        Ensure that blow up decorations are secured properly and deflated when you are not home or asleep
-        Don’t throw wrapping paper in the fireplace
-        Keep candles away from curtains and high enough children cannot reach
What safety tips do you have for decorating this holiday season?


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