Why Buy a Home in December

December may be known for a lot of things but buying a home is not one of them.  Peak homebuying season typically occurs in the spring and summer when the days are warmer, there's more sun, and buyers are out ready to make a change before the school year starts again.

But don't neglect December home buying. There are several reasons why this could be just the right time to get off the fence and buy your
dream home.

Less Competition
If you're tired of dealing with competition when looking at your favorite homes, December is the time to shop. Less competition means more of a chance of getting the home you want!

Tax Benefits
If you close before the end of the year you'll also experience the tax benefits of buying a new home such as deducting mortgage insurance, loan points or property taxes.

Loan Incentives
You may get a deal on your loan with lenders looking for business during the lean winter months.  You'll also get quicker loan processing with fewer mortgage loans going through in December.

Mortgage Rates
Mortgage rates remain historically low but are rising. Take advantage of the low rates while they are still around!


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