Planning for Holiday Guests

It seems to happen earlier every year. Halloween ends and Christmas begins!  Even if you aren't quite in the Christmas spirit yet, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Both holidays have the potential for overnight guests so the best time to start preparing is now.

Here are a few things you can plan for to make your home extra welcoming this holiday season.

1. Purchase back up items for your guests - toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, headache medicine, bottled water. Your house guests will appreciate not having to ask!

2.  Everyone sleeps at different temperatures so have some options available. A box fan for the hot natured and some extra throw blankets for cold feet!

3.  Have your wi-fi password readily available for guests to see. Also provide any instructions for accessing electronics or setting alarm clocks.

4.  If you have to work or won't be around for your guests, leave them a spare key so they can go in and out themselves.  Provide maps or brochures on fun things available around your town.  If you already have activities planned as a family, create an agenda so everyone knows what is happening and when.

5.  If you don't have time to clean the whole house focus on these key areas: kitchen, hall and guest bathrooms, guest room, main living room floors - windows are an extra bonus!

What do you do to prepare for holiday guests?


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