Selling During the Holidays

If you're current home is keeping you from moving on to your new, dream home - don't worry! You don't have to wait for the spring buying season to sell!  It is possible to sell your home during the Holidays and we can show you how.

Although November through January is often the most difficult time to sell, it does have it's advantages.  Buyers during these months are more serious about finding a home and you're less likely to have too many people who are "just looking".  There are also fewer homes on the market which means less competition!

- Holiday decor can make a home really shine but don't go overboard. Keep decorations tasteful and minimal.

- With leaves falling and grass going dormant it's important to keep your exterior of your home looking its best. Touch up paint and fix any visible cracks.

- Make sure to choose an agent who is willing to work during the holidays and will take showings at busy family times.

- Price your home competitively. Don't encourage buyers to wait for price cuts in the Spring. Consider incentives for quick closings.

- Create a strong online presence. Weather and family obligations make online home shopping even more important.  Have photos and videos that thoroughly show off your home's best features.


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