Fall Lawn Care Tips

A common misconception this time of year is that as the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to turn that lawn maintenance can take a back seat. On the contrary, Fall is a perfect time to catch up on some much needed lawn care and prep for a beautiful spring yard!

Here's how!

Lower your lawn mower blade to allow for about a 2 inch cut. Shower grass will help keep the lawn from matting under leaves or snow. It will also allow for better sunlight absorption as the days get shorter.

Continue to water your lawn once or twice a week if conditions or dry. Early morning is the best time and will prevent the grown of fungus in the evening.

Apply week killer. The roots will absorb the killer and prevent new growth in the spring.

Rent an aerator - this tool punches holes in the soil to allow in more oxygen, water and fertilizer.

Fall fertilizer allows roots to continue growing and absorb nutrients without the stress from the summer heat! So apply away!


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