What to Plant this Fall

Did you know that Fall is actually a great time to plant some new flowers, trees and shrubs? The soil is warm and will stay that way up until the first big freeze. In the South, this creates an extended planting season. Fertilizing is not recommended and cuts down on the amount of work it takes to establish new plants.

Trees and shrubs with a large root ball will have plenty of time to get established before Winter and won't have to deal with many of the pests that thrive in the Spring and Summer.  Nurseries and garden centers often have sales in the Fall, allowing you to get a good deal on those Spring Bulbs you've been wanting to plant.

Wondering what to plant?

Perennials such as Peonies, Hostas and Irisis


Trees such as the "October Glory" Red Maple

Pitcher Plants (bonus, they trap and eat insects!)

This Labor Day weekend - enjoy the day off and spend some time outdoors getting your yard ready for Fall!


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