Staying Safe this Halloween

One of the exciting parts about buying a new home is enjoying the changes of seasons and making new holiday memories.

Even if this is not your first Halloween in your new home, below are some great safety tips to keep in mind before little candy hunters arrive at your door on the 31st.

  1. Have a clear path - Make sure there are no objects in the way of your front door - look out for toys, trash, yard waste or even decorations.  Tape down any cords you may have plugged in so they don't cause anyone to trip.
  2. Keep your yard lit - Turn on your porch light if you are welcoming trick-or-treaters.  If you have Jack-o-Lanterns out, try to use LED candles to light them instead of live flames.
  3. If you have pets keep them inside the house or locked up.  They may be frightened by all of the visitors and it's best to plan ahead for their peace of mind and the protection of others.
  4. If you're out of candy or not participating, turn all your lights out to let trick-or-treaters know.  You can even put out a "No Candy" sign if you don't want there to be any confusion.
  5. Remember if you are handing out candy not to include homemade goods - some parents are wary of having their children eat homemade food from strangers especially with allergy concerns.
So pick out a bag of your favorite candy and enjoy handing it out this Halloween - just make sure to save some for yourself!


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